TypeSqf Features

The TypeSqf Feature series is a series where I showcase different features of the TypeSqf editor.

TypeSqf Features Part 1 - Getting started with TypeSqf

How to download and install the TypeSqf editor, and write and execute a very simple script.

TypeSqf Features Part 2 - Main Features

This video is showing the main features like Syntax Highlighting, Syntax Checking and Code Completion of the TypeSqf editor for Arma 3 scripting. It also touches the CPack Service and the SQX scripting language.

TypeSqf Features Part 3 - The Power Of CPacks

A CPack is used to download code into your Arma mission. This video shows how is it is used. Using CPacks I will also create a complete multiplayer mission with tasks, enemies, civilians and random traffic in less than 2 minutes.

TypeSqf Features Part 4 - The CPack Console

This video explains how to handle CPacks in a mission using the TypeSqf editor and its CPack Console. I show how to install, update and remove CPacks, and how to list CPacks and check for CPack updates.

Other Videos

Creating a class in SQX

This video is a demonstration of the SQX syntax (Extended SQF) available in the TypeSqf Editor. In this video I create and use a Crowd class. The class models a crowd of civilians, and it contains the two methods GatherAtPosition and SpreadOut.

Installing CPack Engima.Civilians

Here is a demo of the CPack Engima.Civilians. I create a mission from start, download the CPack, and make it work to populate a town with random civilians.